Data Render Service

Welcome to the registration page for the PhantomBot Data Render Service. You may authenticate with Twitch by using the button below

This page is for PhantomBot operators, if you are a viewer, you do not need to register.

No permissions are requested, and the only data saved on our server will be your Twitch user name, display name, user ID and a link to your Twitch logo. We use the user name and user ID for verifying an authentication token that we generate for your use and to map pages for your users to your channel. We use your display name and Twitch logo on the pages that are served to your users.

Essentially, we are only verifying that you are the actual owner of the channel for which data will be uploaded and presented for from your PhantomBot.

You have signed up for the PhantomBot Data Render Service! Please take note of the authorization key below and place in your botlogin.txt as the value for datarenderservicetoken.

Once you have installed the key and activated the service module and it has delivered data to the Command Service, the following URL may be shared with your users to present your custom commands and quotes:

If you would like to generate a new authorization key, please click here.